Original Title

Sema ceļojumi


Dark Comedy

Production Year


Country of Origin


Language Spoken

Latvian, English


85 min
Fantastic Fest (World Premiere)

Aik Karapetian

Aik Karapetian, Aleksandr Rodionov


Kevin Janssens, Laura Siliņa, Aigars Vilims, Juris Bartkevičs

Production Company
Mistrus Media

Gints Grūbe

Local Release
TBC 2022


Lost in the remotest part of Eastern Europe, on the edges of a mythical forest, Sam, is a foreigner, far from home, searching for his biological father Lagzdins. When a minor road accident leads to a chance meeting with a pig-farmer’s daughter – Kirke, Sam’s priorities must change if he wants to survive. Her kind hospitality is a smoke screen to capturing him and making him a slave on the farm. Alone, unable to speak the language and chained up 24/7 with the pigs, he learns to adapt and starts gaining the confidence that might lead to freedom and true love. 

The Team

Aik Karapetian


Aik has finished Latvian Academy of Culture, audio-visual arts, master degree as film director and Académie Internationale des Arts – ESEC (Paris), master degree as film director.His first feature film PEOPLE OUT THERE has gained international acknowledgment after its premiere at Karlovy Vary competition in 2012. After the successful horror picture THE MAN IN THE ORANGE JACKET (Fantastic Fest 2014, BFI London Film Festival etc.) Aik released thriller FIRSTBORN (Sitges, Fantastic Fest, Paris International Film Festival 2017). Aik has staged two successful opera productions in Latvian National Opera house, THE BARBER OF SEVILLE, which was awarded as the Best stage production of the season in 2011 and FAUST, which has been premiered in September 2016. Bizet’s CARMEN premiere took a place at Opera National de Montpellier (France) in 2018 and Gounod’s FAUST at Trondheim Symfoniorkester & Opera (Norway) in 2019.

Gints Grūbe


Gints Grūbe, has a degree in philosophy and political science from University of Latvia and has also graduated Berlin Frei Universität. He has a diverse work experience in the field of media and cinema and he is a lecturer in political culture at the University of Latvia and in media and television in Latvian Culture Academy. He has graduated Inside Pictures, Eave Plus, Doc Incubator and is member of European Producers Club, European Film Academy and was Producer on the Move in 2016. Since founding Mistrus Media (established in 2000) it has become one of the most experienced Latvian film production companies working with international co-production feature films and documentaries (e.g. Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Croatia, Russia, Portugal, Serbia), TV projects and provide film production and location services for foreign productions in the Baltic countries.

Director's Statement

“It’s a fairytale about the false and deceptive perception of events and people we meet during our lifetime. We go through ordeals in order to understand a simple truth, that if we want to be loved we must care for each other. The main inspiration was the Greek myth of the goddess Circe, from whom Kirke, the lead heroine of the film, takes her name. According to the legend, she turned Odysseus’ traveling companions into swine, inviting Odysseus himself to stay with her and accept her love. As a filmmaker I had a great opportunity to use different kind of cinematic tools, it has originality, simplicity, in the same time has universal topics to speak about – love, freedom, greed, brutality, tenderness, jealousy…but these are not delivered in a complicated way, but opposite, with self-irony, simplicity, with a smile on face. We wanted to create a specific and unique world with its rules and orders.”
                                           – Aik Karapetian


Kevin Janssens

Role: Sam

Janssens studied at the Studio Herman Teirlinck (Antwerp) and got his first significant role in his last year of his studies, when he was asked to play the leading role in a mini TV series about a boxer called KING OF THE WORLD, by Guido Henderickx. Continuously, he performed several serious leading roles in Belgium TV series. Since his performance in THE ARDENNES which was selected for several A-festivals and the Belgian Entry for the Oscars. In 2018, he starred in LUKAS with Jean- Claude Van Damme and the psychological thriller THE ROOM with Olga Kurlyenko.  

Laura Siliņa

Role: Kirke

Siliņa has graduated Latvian Academy of Culture as an actress. Worked as an theater actress since 2013 and now is working in National Theater of Latvia.  Movie “Samuel’s Travels” is her first movie role.

Juris Bartkevičs

Role: Marks

Bartkevičs has a degree in Latvian language and literature. He has worked as an actor since 1970 and has been an artistic director in Liepājas teather (Liepāja, Latvia) for three years and one year as a Liepājas teather director. Since 2004 he is an actor in Dailes theater (Riga, Latvia). He has won several time a Latvian actor award for his roles as a lead actorin plays. Juris has a Order of the Three Stars for his contribution to latvian theater.

Aigars Vilims

Role: Gustavs

Vilims has a degree as an theater actor and as a director. He has been working as an actor in Valmieras Dramatic theater (Valmiera, Latvia) since 1978. Aigars has won a Latvian Actor Award for his second and first plan roles.

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